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Mar 14, 2009
Scoreline: India 319 all out (lose by an innings and some): A Work of Art 100, Harbhajan 39, Zaheer 33, Saha 36 | Steyn 3 (10 for the match) Harris 3 Parnell 2

The Paul Harris line vis-a-vis the Indian batsmen in the next test is going to be an intriguing one. Particularly if it occurs with India batting first or in a less tragic situation than here. If the batsmen are as good as some of us believe they are, they’ll do something about it like Sachin (for the most part) and the lower order (in parts) did today, even with all the supporting-cast field placings. Alistair Cook recently got back into alleged form by taking most of his runs off Harris with his stock midwicket shot – similarly, left-handed Gambhir vs Harris will be worth a watch. That’s that about the rash in the SA bowling attack. Onto pleasanter aspects, Parnell looked better today and if Steyn-Morkel can replicate anything close to this test, it’s going to be a salivatory Kolkata test.

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