City Green Belts Turn Into Illegal Parking Lots

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Oct 18, 2013
Motorists are forced to park their vehicles in the green belt areas specifically marked for plantation and designed to keep the environment clean. Areas near the public dealing offices and local hotels are particularly vulnerable due to the shortage of parking space.
The cars parked in green belt areas have become a common sight in Islamabad especially in the sectors F and G around Blue Area. Influential companies have developed their own parking areas on designated green belts in clear violation of the rules of Capital Development Authority.
Blue Area, the centre of the capital, has already become a problematic area for visitors who find it difficult to park their cars there.
The visitors to the Super market, Jinnah Super market and F 8 Markaz also complained for lack of parking space. A large number of trees have been uprooted from the green belt and one can see thousands of motorcycles parked therein.
Citizens demanded that the concerned department of CDA should take concrete measures to meet this emerging problem because of the rising number of vehicles in the capital.