Grocery Store Choices

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Mar 20, 2007
Toronto, Canada
A. = Adjective ADV. = Adverb IDM. = Idiom N. = Noun V. = Verb

  • to bill
    • V. to send a request for payment
  • a bill
    • N. a request for payment
  • to come to
    • V. to equal (an amount of money), to add up to, to total
  • to deduct
    • V. to take away, subtract (an amount of money)
  • to discount
    • V. to reduce or lower the cost of a product
  • a discount
    • N. a reduction in the cost of a product
  • discount
    • A. costing less money
  • to enter
    • V. 1) to put in information electronically 2) to write in information
  • to issue
    • V. to officially give out or print
  • to pack
    • V. 1) to put things into a grocery bag 2) to put things into a box to move 3) to put things into a suitcase to take with you
  • pressed for time
    • IDM. in a hurry
  • to swipe
    • V. to put a card through a computerized machine quickly so it can scan the information
      • We usually use this word with ATM cards, credit cards, debit cards, identification cards, etc.
  • to verify
    • V. to make sure that something is true