Healthy And Beautiful Hair Hair and Facts

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Jan 28, 2010
Healthy And Beautiful Hair

Hair and Facts
Many misapprehensions are there about our hair and its care and concerns. Once we know the truth, the solution for hair dispute becomes rational and commonsensical and we can well be familiar with it to give real good care. The most extensively held false impression relating to hair is that it is live organic material, and everyone thinks that newly discovered commercial medicine/any hair related product would solve the condition. This is a wrong notion that people have in their mind but the truth is that hair is only living matter at its base below the surface of the scalp and not on it's tip. Like the tip of one's fingernail, hair is non-living matter, and can be clipped shorter and discarded. This fact alone brings us to two important finales about how one may preserve stronger and better looking with shiny hair.

Remarks about hair breakage and hair loss
Many people are perplexed that it is safer to comb the hair while it is dry. One must understand that the hair can widen up to fifty percentage of its length while wet without breakage, however, while dry, hair will break before it widen twenty-five percentage of its length. It is best to keep a wide-toothed comb within your shower to fasten split-ends.

Lot many of us feel scared upon seeing our hairbrush/comb and wash drain filled with an excessive quantity of their hair. It's a fact that that each strand of our hair has a lifespan of 2 to 7 years before a new hair begins to grow in its position, pushing it out to end up in one's brush or shower drain. This means each person discards about 60 hairs from their head everyday. If one has longer hair it may give the fake looks that they are shedding more hair daily than the average amount. One should only be alarmed if the hair being shed daily is not being replaced by new hair growth.

Hair and Healthy appearance
Our hair is the first feature that acts as a mirror to show your overall healthiness and hence to pay attention to your diet and daily exercise is as significant as you dress up. Give your scalp a boost by brushing dry hair daily starting at the roots. Use a natural boar bristle brush, with a wooden base. This will stimulate the roots of the hair and massage the muscles of the scalp.

Your shampooing process should be gentle, and not overloaded with conditioners that prevent proper cleansing. Rotate conditioning with moisturizers and deep protein treatments. A Cream wash should be used after every shampoo, because it's not the same as your conditioner. It will spoil your hair at no time.

Discover steps to Enjoy Hair Care
Long or short your hair offers many different looks. It is truly enjoyable to make different hairstyles. Ask your stylist for a lesson on quick changes using clips and hair sticks. There are many books and videos to help you learn basic or advanced braiding. When you learn to easily handle your length, you'll find you enjoy it so much more.

Look after your hair loss problem very seriously with the tips that actually give you remedy. Different people have different diverse problems. There are remedies to take care of your hair problems such as dandruff, baldness etc. Follow helpful tips and advices for your hair loss problems, hair implant procedures, general hair care tips, hair coloring, hair styling and braids, hair cut by age and Ayurvedic treatment of your affective hair.