Human rights Resume given in the Qur'an


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Mar 15, 2007
Islam is focussed on making mankind reach glorious hights by teaching it the perfect society. Religions are only busy with pleasing their gods or having a contest on who is the best in acknowledging their god.

Islam is about us:

A brief resume of human rights given in the Qur'an will now be given. These points also reflect the Moral Code of Islam.

a. Equal human dignity by birth (17:70, 95:4)
b. Gender equity (4:32, 33:35)
c. Superiority by character only (49:13, 46:19)
d. Rule of law, not of individuals (3:79)
e. Full compensation of work (53:39, 53:41, 39:70, 37:39)
f. Provision of basic needs (20:118-119)
g. Security of faith, life, mind, honor, and property (6:109, 6:152, 2:269, 17:36, 24:2, 22:40, 6:152, 5:90, 2:195, 5:32, 17:32, 17:35, 17:29, 83:1)
h. Choice of spouse (4:3, 4:19)
i. Freedom of religion (22:40, 6:109, 2:256)
j. Freedom of expression (2:42, 3:71)
k. Redress of grievances (4:148)
l. Privacy (33:53, 24:27)
m. Care of the handicapped (4:36, 70:24)
n. Presumption of innocence (49:6)
o. Sanctity of name and lineage (49:11, 33:4)
p. Right to residence (4:100, 2:85, 6:41)
q. Aesthetic choice (18:31, 76:13-15)
r. Protection of chastity (17:32, 24:2)
s. Race, color, gender, lineage, wealth are no criteria of superiority.
t. Degrees of people according to their deeds (2:212, 3:163, 6:132)

Are these 'religious' goals? NO, they are sociological goals, this is why the Quran says:

21:10 O Mankind! Now We have revealed unto you a Book that is all about you and it will give you eminence. Will you not, then, use your sense? (21:24, 23:70, 43:43-44).

And unitying humanity is its goal:

20:94 Aaron said, "O Son of my mother! Don't get mad at me, nor treat me harshly. I feared that you would say, ?You have let the Children of Israel divide into parties and sects."

7:24 (Self interests of people had given rise to unjust marking of land and individual hoarding. Suppression of the weak had begun). Allah told them that they had fallen down from the high station of humanity. They had ignored the Law that "Mankind is one community" (10:19). From then on, they would live as tribes and nations, enemies to one another, ?There will be for you on land an abode and sustenance for a while.? (Tribalism 49:13)

10:19 All mankind were but one community (and are meant to be so); then they differed (2:213). Had not your Lord decreed the Law of free will for humans, He would have judged their disputes immediately (2:30, 2:256, 11:118, 16:9, 76:2-3).

This is the difference and importance of approach. Believe in One God is a confirmation of Reality and the first step into uniting Mankind and the Muslims. It is clear the Quran is focussed on us, not on Allah. He has given us the Quran so we can become the best people on Earth. To make Paradise on earth that will be continued in the Next Life.

This why Islam is a DEEN, a Perfect Divine System for Mankind, and not a religion, Mazhab, which is only focussed on acknowledging God.

9:33 He it is Who has sent His Messenger with Guidance and the True Religion (DEEN = The System of Life), that He may cause it to prevail over all religions and systems of life, even though the idolaters may detest it. (9:31-33, 14:48, 18:48, 48:28, 61:9).
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