IHC Allows 500cc Bikes on Motorway

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Aug 11, 2017
Islamabad High Court has issued the orders to allow the 500cc bikes to run on the motorway. It is still pending till the approval of the IC National Highway and Motorway Police (NH & MP).

The senior member of Lahore Bikers Club said that if the motorway police gives the approval to bikes to ride through the motorway, the bikers will have to get another license after their test and the license will be specific to allow the bikers to travel on the motorway. There will be defined SOPs for the safety gears and lane of the bikers. When the bikers will abide by these rules, they will be allowed to move through the motorway.

The counsel of the petitioner said that according to the Motorway Ordinance 2000, there is no restriction on the entry of the bikes on the motorway. He further added that there are many countries in the world, which allowed the heavy bikes on the motorways and this issue has been ongoing for many years. The motorway police uplifted the ban on the bikers in 2011 and now they have imposed the ban on the bikers in 2014 and after every hearing, the motorway police was taken the stay order against it.

When the motorway was built first, the bikers were allowed to travel through it with their 500cc and above bikes. But due to some unknown reasons, the authorities put ban on the bikers to use the motorway. The community of bikers is carrying out the negotiations with the National Highways and Motorway Police to travel on the motorway.