City Islamabad Local Government Bill Tabled In Na

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Oct 18, 2013
The bill was introduced by Minister for Science and Technology Zahid Hamid on behalf of Interior Minister.
The bill provides to rationalize and reorganize the local government system in the Federal Capital.
Under the bill‚ Local Government shall consist of Union Councils and Metropolitan Corporation.
The government shall specify the local area within Islamabad Capital Territory as Union Councils and for the Metropolitan Corporation.
The Union Council will consist of Chairman and Vice Chairman as joint candidates‚ six general members‚ two women‚ one peasant‚ one youth and non-Muslims member.
The metropolitan corporation shall consist of Mayor and Deputy Mayor as joint candidates‚ Chairman of all Union Councils‚ women‚ peasants‚ technocrats‚ youth members and non-Muslims.
Members of each Union Council shall be directly elected by the voters registered in the concerned union council while the members of the metropolitan corporation shall be elected by the members of the union councils.