News Karachi: Woman Killed In Blast Near Imambargah

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Oct 18, 2013
According to police, two women tried to enter the Murtaza Imambargah situated on Khalid Bin Waleed Road today morning. The security guard tried to restrict the women from entering the vicinity during which the explosives carried by one of the women went off with a blast, killing one woman.
The other woman was injured when the guard opened fire on them. The number of injured persons is expected to rise due to the explosion.
Nearby buildings and vehicles were damaged due to the blast.
Police is further investigating the matter while the area was cordoned off for the public.
Deputy Director Jinnah Hospital Dr Seemi Jamali told that a body and injured were brought to the hospital.
Police further told that a suspected man was also held from the blast site while the victim and injured women are relatives.