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Mar 15, 2007
Toronto, Ca
Guitar Hero III Collections

Is your phone ready to rock?

Rock out anytime, anywhere with this rhythm-based,three button game that stays true to the original. Jam with giants of rock with classic Guitar Hero tracks. Shred your way to rock hall of fame glory as either Judy Nails or Axel Steel, in three killer venues from the console game.

Hands.On.Mobile.Guitar.Hero.III.176x208.v3.0.0.S60 v3.J2ME.Retail-BiNPDA
Hands.On.Mobile.Guitar.Hero.III.240x320.v3.0.0.S40 v3.J2ME.Retail-BiNPDA
Hands.On.Mobile.Guitar.Hero.III.240x320.v3.0.0.S60 v3.J2ME.Retail-BiNPDA
Hands.On.Mobile.Guitar.Hero.III.320x240.v0.0.1.S60 v3.J2ME.Retail-BiNPDA
Hands.On.Mobile.Guitar.Hero.III.352x416.v0.0.3.S60 v3.J2ME.Retail-BiNPDA
Hands.On.Mobile.Guitar.Hero.III.v0.0.3.S60v2.J2MEv 1.Retail-BiNPDA
Hands.On.Mobile.Guitar.Hero.III.v0.0.3.S60v2.J2MEv 2.Retail-BiNPDA
Hands.On.Mobile.Guitar.Hero.III.v0.0.6.S60v1.J2ME. Retail-BiNPDA
Hands.On.Mobile.Guitar.Hero.III.v3.0.0.S60v2.N70.J 2ME.Retail-BiNPDA
Hands.On.Mobile.Guitar.Hero.III.v3.0.0.SE.K750i.J2 ME.Retail-BiNPDA
Hands.On.Mobile.Guitar.Hero.III.v3.0.0.SE.K800i.J2 ME.Retail-BiNPDA

http://**not allowed**.com/files/124266210/Hands.On.Mobile.Guitar.Hero.III.Collections.rar

The Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian

In Prince Caspian, the Pevensie return to Narnia finding shocked by chaos and violence.The Narniani were forced to hide from the brutal King Miraz and by the Telmarini.Helps Pevensie and Prince Caspian, the true heir to the throne, to fight for the future of Narnia.Inspired by the movie, the game puts you in the shoes of two characters along two different plots, and has 10 levels rich in exploration and hard battles.


Megacity Empire: New York [Sony Ericsson]

Build your own New York with its most famous monuments and sites: the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, Central Park and more!

Use this version for K800


EA Sports FIFA 08 v1.0.30 N-GAGE SymbianOS9.1 Cracked

FIFA presents you with a number of types of game play, including a season long campaign or a number of tournaments, mostly regional cup games, or the International Cup – eagles eyed lawyers will spot that this avoids referencing properties such as the FA Cup or the World Cup, as this would probably drive up the licensing costs.

Team selection is well represented, with the major leagues of each country (although I’m disappointed the UK representation is only the English Premiership, when most other versions of FIFA 08 also carry the Scottish Leagues and I could play my beloved Cowdenbeath). For those of you not au fait with the teams of Europe, each has a star rating (out of five)… How the Scottish national team gets a big 4/5, I don’t know.
There are two other modes. First is the quick game, where you choose two teams and just go for it. I suspect that’s where most casual players will start before deciding to move into a longer League or Cup mode. And then there are the challenges, which are a lovely idea. You get presented with a scenario - Liverpool are 3 goals down after 20 minutes and went on to beat Milton Keynes by 5 goals. Can you do the same - and you're asked to play it through. It's a nice touch, and gives you a little slice of pick up and play if you don't want to commit to a series of matches.
Now, while the controls are pretty simple, the choices you have in the game are varied. You can do the classic kick the ball up the pitch and run after it, you can lob balls in the air between your players from opposite sides of the pitch, or you can pass the ball between your players who are close, slowly working it towards the goal. Those were the three basic strategies I used on novice level, with a little bit of success… by using just those, it made the game challenging but not overly difficult – which is good for me. More experienced FIFA players will appreciate the higher difficulty levels, and the gamer in me is glad that 'novice' doesn't translate to a ‘we’ll let you win to make you feel good’ level of skill… the five skill levels available significantly ramp up the difficulty.

You can also change the team formation – where players stand on the pitch and what areas are covered. This is the mystical number chant of 4-3-3, 4-2-2-2 or even 1-4-3-2 (see, we have silly numbers just as much as American Football), but luckily you get a graphical display of where your players would end up. This can be changed at any point in the game, so you can re-organise to defend, attack, or have lots of players in the middle for passing the ball around. You’ve also got the option to substitute out injured or tired players.
Where I found trouble is when the computer AI team has the ball and I’m trying to get the tackles in. There are no complicated key strokes, just your player next to the player with the ball, and the tackle is then made (success depends on the relevant simulated skill of the actual football player) – the problem is getting your player close enough. The switch to nearest player isn’t intelligent enough to snap to the closest, and the AI controlled players on your team are as dumb as… well... footballers. Maybe I’m missing something, but it’s rather hit and miss, and infuriating trying to muster the defense.
The look of the game is wonderful – all the players may be small, but they are crisp, you can make out where they’re going or trying to do – you can even watch them loose balance on a slipping pitch! And just to make it a bit more TV like, whenever something spectacular happens, you’ll get a replay of the action from a dramatic camera viewpoint, e.g. to relive the perfect goal into the top corner of the net.

I was expecting a multi-player option to be available on FIFA, either over local Bluetooth or through the N-Gage Arena. This would be the perfect game for that – unfortunately there’s no sign of it at all. I wish there had been, and I’d be intrigued to know why a local option isn’t in the design. Is this because of the focus that everything has to go through the N-Gage client (and server) model?
And while FIFA 08 is going to lose a few marks for that, the rest of the title holds up very well to this casual gamer. The menus are clear, the graphics are sharp and understandable, there’s little confusion in what’s happening in the game (even if how I’m playing is a bit inexplicable), and there is enough variety in the types of game, and in the changing nature of league and cup competitions to keep you playing FIFA 08 for a long time.

 ████     ▄  ▄                                                ▄  ▄     ████
   ████      ▀█▄ ▀█▄                                        ▄█▀ ▄█▀      ████
   ████ ■     ▐█▌ ▐█▌                                      ▐█▌ ▐█▌     ■ ████
   ████▀     ▄█▀▄▄▓▀                                        ▀▓▄▄▀█▄     ▀████
  ▀▀▀   ▄▄▄▀█▄█▀▀                                              ▀▀█▄█▀▄▄▄   ▀▀▀
   ▄▄▀▀▀ ▄██▀                                                      ▀██▄ ▀▀▀▄▄
  ▀ ▄▄█ ▐██▌               R E L E A S E    N O T E S               ▐██▌ █▄▄ ▀
   █▀ █  ▀▀▓▄                                                      ▄▓▀▀  █ ▀█
   █ ░█                                                                  █░ █
   █░▒█                                                                  █▒░█
   █▒▓█                                                                  █▓▒█
   █▓██                                                                  ██▓█
   ████                                                                  ████
   ████                                                                  ████
   ████ For now there are a few phones compatible with n-gage:           ████
   ████ N81 (8GB), N82 and N95 (8GB). More will come soon.               ████
   ████ First of all, make sure you have TRK (included in this release)  ████
   ████ installed and connected to your pc via USB.                      ████
   ████ s60_3_0_app_trk_2_7.sisx is for SymbianOS9 devices WITHOUT FP1   ████
   ████ s60_3_1_app_trk_2_7.sisx is for SymbianOS9 devices WITH FP1      ████
   ████ Also you have to be sure that the n-gage application from        ████
   ████ w* is installed on your device.                      ████
   ████ Start the .exe which is included in this release. This is an     ████
   ████ installer which will guide you trough the installation process   ████
   ████ of the game.                                                     ████
   ████                                                                  ████
   ████ NOTE: After installing, in the n-gage app, the games are listed  ████
   ████ as trial games. If that annoys you, install the included         ████
   ████ patch.sis to remove the trial stamp from all games.              ████
   ████ You only need to do this ONCE for ALL the games!                 ████
   ████                                                                  ████
   ████ NOTE: Don't start the n-gage when you have enabled the platform  ████
   ████ hack. The game will mess up your savegames or even worse.        ████
   ████                                                                  ████
http://**not allowed**.com/files/118155888/EA.Sports.FIFA.08.v1.0.30.N-GAGE.SymbianOS9.1.Cracked-BiNPDA.rar
Midnight Pool™ 2 SE Retail All Version | Sony Ericsson

The wildest pool players are back in Midnight Pool 2. Download this fun mobile game onto your phone to play in 8 welcoming bars, like Arizona's Cactus Bar or New Mexico's Route 66 Bar. A cast of 11 colorful characters await you as you search for your next opponent: Melissa, the bartender, Brian, the bicker, and much more. Learn the most amazing trick shots from the trickmaster to improve your style and sink even more balls. The more you win, the better your chances of earning money to use in the pool shop for new equipment to improve your game. And with 3 rule variations to choose from you'll be a pool shark in no time.

SE 128x128 K300i version:
http://www.**not allowed**/?uzxjernx130

SE 128x160 K500i version:
http://www.**not allowed**/?2nsnezkzyyb

SE 176x220 W810i version:
http://www.**not allowed**/?uxsxy9tn9x1