"One Love"

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"One Love"
Like meeting of two stars our souls
met to celebrate life and all that it
has to offer.
Like lone and stray lambs we met to
fill the vacuum of nature in our lives
Like two pups in need of each other
we played ourselves to apex of joy,
supported each other in times of
sorrow to keep heads above shoulders,
vowed to be one 'til death do us part.
Like lone lambs in dusty desert of the
North we have seen the worst and
happiest moments in the sand of time
Here we are faced with realities of life,
honored with fruits of life in fulfillment
of unconditional love.
In spite of our weaknesses and imperfections
my faith in you will not fail us in this task
of life.
Jointly we will give our offspring the best
love has to offer.
No matter what, we should always remember
that the snail never crawls without her shell.
No matter the forces of the turbulent wind
A strong grip on each other will see us through.
Let one love keep us together.
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