Pimple like bump on eye

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Jan 28, 2010
How to cure Swollen eye pimple

Pimple like bump on eye
A small boil inside or outside the eyelid is referred as eye pimple. It is also called as stye on eye, sty on eye or hordeolum. The pimple can develop at any age. Unfortunately, it cannot be covered with the makeup. Eyes being very delicate, it is recommended not to use an eye makeup when there is bump on eye that is the eye pimple.

White Pimple on eye
Individual experiencing pain or redness in the eye might develop the pimple around the eyelid. Symptoms such as swelling in the eye, puffed eye or problem while blinking the eyes indicate similar problem. Few other signs that may or may not happen are tears in eyes, frequent watering in eye having the pimple and increased light sensitivity. All these are the symptoms that indicate that a pimple on eye is going to appear within couple of hours or must have already occurred which required proper natural eye care.

How Eye Pimple Occurs

Pimple on the eyelids is caused when the gland at the eyelid edge gets infected by staphylococcal bacteria. This bacterium is present in the nose which easily gets transferred to eyes when eye are touched with the same hand with which the nose is rubbed. Although a stye on eyelid does not affects the vision but it causes too much irritation as the individual faces difficulty while blinking the eyes. Also eye movements become quite tough.
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Eye Pimple Treatment using Rose Water
Usually the bump on the eye is healed on its own within the span of 4-5 days. In order to get relief from redness or pain in the eye, warm compresses could be applied for 5-10 minutes several times in day. For giving the warm compress, take a clean cotton cloth and dip it in lukewarm water. Squeeze all the water and fold the cloth making it size that covers the eye pimple as well as affected eye. Repeat the process for 5-10 minutes. Whenever using this method always use the clean cloth. Also, close the eyes and put the cotton padding dipped in pure rose water. This gives immediate soothing (check every day natural care). In case, eye pimples reoccurs in short intervals then visit the eye doctor to get the appropriate antibiotic ointment.

General Eye Pimple Precautions

First and foremost, never touch the eye pimple with unwashed hands. When applying the hot compresses always ensure to wash hands thoroughly with the soap and wipe it off with a clean towel. Secondly clean the eye by splashing normal clean water minimum four times in a day. Don’t use any eye makeup when there is pimple on the eyelids else it might increase the probability of further eye infection to take place.

Cleaning Eye with natural milk
Keep eyes clean to evade the chances of developing stye on eye. Also, ensure to remove the eye makeup meticulously before going to bed. One can use gentle eye makeup remover for cleaning the eyes. It is tender and won’t harm the subtle eyes. Besides, raw milk acts as an excellent natural cleanser for removing the makeup. Take a cotton ball, moist it in raw milk and apply on the eyes as well as entire face. Then take another clean cotton ball and wipe the applied milk. All the makeup and dirt would come off. Finally rinse with regular tap water.

Eye pimple in spite of being a small dot is quite troublesome. One must take all possible care and precautions to shun away the probability of occurrence of such eye problem. It is the fact that every problem is small first then if left unattended it turns to be relentless later. Hence, it is always wise and prudent to be conscientious earlier than suffering the problems later.