Ranbir Upsets Deepika

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Mar 19, 2008
Deepika is not quite happy with Ranbir these days. After she was successful in keeping her boyfriend away from his debut film’s beauty, Sonam Kapoor, the possesive Deepika has another girl to bother. And this time it’s Ranbir’s ex-girlfriend Avantika Malik. Ranbir Kapoor and model Avantika Malik were said to be dating before Ranbir made it to films. However, things didn’t turnout well and they broke up. But even now, when Avantika is dating Aamir’s nephew Imraan, she and Ranbir are still in contact. This isn’t quite approved by Deepika, and made her upset.
Now, will Deepika’s possessive nature hold on Ranbir for long??
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