Scared Harman Rescued By Priyanka

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TM Champ
Mar 19, 2008
Gone are those days when the actresses were found screaming for their lives and whoosh…there came the hero to rescue and protect them. With the changing time, the situations have changed too. Heroes now stick to their brave and beautiful girlfriends for protection, of which, the most recent example is Harman Baweja. While shooting in Bangkok, Harman recently handed Priyanka Chopra a loose python as he was too scared to hold it. When asked about this, the actor went red and said,

“They handed over the python to me and I handed it to Priyanka and she took it. I’m thankful to her for that, because I’m not too excited about holding Pythons in my hands. But you know when you have that thing hissing in front of your eyes — it’s quite scary.”

Well, nice that the guy had his bold and beautiful girlfriend for defence.
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