Spicy Hot Chocolate

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Princess Mahi

Dec 19, 2009
about 3-4 tbs. of some form of sweetened, vegan cocoa
dash of cinnamon
dash of nutmeg
small amount of vanilla extract
vanilla soy milk (or your favourite milk subst.)

Mix as much of the soy beverage as you'll need for number of people. I just make it for myself, so about 1 cup. Add a few heaping teaspoon or tablespoons full of your chocolate choice. If unsweetened, add the amount of sweetener you desire, but also note that it will probably be really sweet. I make mine with vanilla silk, and then go and add a half tsp. of vanilla extract. After whisking the mixture as you would pudding, stir until it's well disolved, adding the other ingredients whenever you like.

Serves: as many as you like to make it for

Preparation time: 10 min