Strawberry custard

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Mar 15, 2007
Strawberry custard

1 litre milk
10 tbsp sugar
4 tbsp strawberry custard (mixed in 1 cup of cold water)
plain cake 1 medium sized
fruit cocktail 1 big can
peanut butter (as required) [cream style]
strawberry jam (as required)

boil 1 litre of the milk with 10 tbsp of sugar.
add the strawberry custard mixture in it
when it thicken allow it to cool

cut the cake into slices. on one side of teh slice apply peanut butter and on the other side apply strawbery jam and put another slice on top to form like sandwich

put this sandwich in individual serving bowl

put fruit on top and soak the sandwich with a little juice of the fruit cocktail can.

pour custard on top

garnish with strawberries and cherries

put a little jam on top for garnishing
serve chilled