The Fishin' Party

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~ ʍɑno BɨLii ~
Hot Shot
Aug 2, 2012

Wunst we went a-fishin' - Me
An' my Pa an' Ma, all three
When they wuz a picnic, 'way
Out to Hanch's Woods, one day.

An' they wuz a crick out there,
Where the fishes is, an' where
Little boys `taint big an' strong
Better have their folks along!

My Pa he ist fished an' fished!
An' my Ma she said she wished
Me an' her was home; an' Pa
Said he wished so worse'n Ma.

Pa said ef you talk, er say
Anything, er sneeze, er play
Hain't no fish, alive er dead,
Ever go' to bite! he said.

Purt' nigh dark in town when we
Got back home; an' Ma, says she,
Now she'll have a fish for shore!
An' she buyed one at the store.

Nen at supper Pa he won't
Eat no fish, an' says, he don't
Like 'em - An' he pounded me
When I choked!...Ma, didn't he?