History The History Of The Badshahi Mosque

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Oct 27, 2012
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Built by the sixth Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb, the ‘Emperor’s Mosque’ or Badshahi Mosque lies in the walled city of Lahore 1673. At the time it was constructed it was the largest mosque in the world. Today, after 342 years, it is now the fifth largest mosque in the world.

Throughout its long years, the mosque has faced some hard times. During the reign of Ranjit Singh beginning in 1799, the courtyard of this historic mosque was used as an army horse stable. His son later turned it into a fort using the minarets to place light guns.

It was in 1852 that the British began restoration of it after Muslims began voicing their displeasure of their mosque being used as a stable ground.

Here is a look at this tremendous 342-year-old mosque:

1. A view of this grand mosque in 1845 – when it was under the reign of the Last Maharaja of the Sikh Empire

2. A rare photograph of this awesome Mughal creation taken 1870

3. During the 1880s, the minarets can be seen here as broken. Only minor restoration was completed by the British. It wasn’t until 1939 when extensive work began on the restoration of the mosque.

4. It was in 1960 when the repairs were finished on the mosque, at a total cost of around Rs.4.8 million. Wow!

5. Exquisitely constructed, the mosque is a legacy to the Mughal architecture. A view from the main hall shows the breadth of the mosque and the vast area that can accommodate up to on one hundred thousand people.

6. This glorious mosque with its red sandstone finishing is splendid, with the rustic look and stunning engravements in the walls of the mosque – you can see the stunning work from the moment you walk up to the entrance

7. The interior of the mosque is just as magnificent or maybe more so. Inside we can see the Mughal Era alive in an ethereal look where one becomes lost in the detailed artwork that can be found throughout the mosque.

8. The grounds surrounding the mosque are just as beautifully maintained to give bring out the ethereal beauty of the mosque

9. A view from the heavens – the stunning 342-year-old mosque that saw empires come and go

11. Where thousands still come to offer prayers – indeed a sight to see

12. A view of this great mosque at night – sensational

13. The Badshahi mosque in all its glory

14. The Badshahi mosque has withstood changing empires and has seen over three hundred years of history. It stands today proud and magnificent, and we hope it remains that way for centuries to come

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