City The Kalash (Chitral)

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Jul 22, 2008
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Kalash The Special People Of Chitral:Chitral is beautiful valley away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities. It takes almost twelve hours drive to reach Chitral from Islamabad. Its natural beauty fascinates the visitors. It is not thickly populated. The people are friendly. Their way of living is simple. Their features are resembled with those living in the rural areas of Peshawar. They have rosy cheeks, ruby lips and black and blue eyes. main attraction of Chirtal is its people,”The Kalash”. They live at some distance away from the main Chitral town. Kalash women do not observe veil. They wear an extraordinary large head dress decorated with buttons and shells. They wear black dress. Kalash means Black. That is why they are called kalash after their black dress. The Kalash do not follow any particular religion. But make offering to several gods. Each good protects different aspects of life such as livelihood, crops, animal, fruits and family. They houses are built of stones and mud. In summer their women sit in the yard of the first floor where they cook, spin and weave. In winter they come down to the ground floor where they cook and do other jobs. Kalash are fond of music and dance. They perform different dances for their different festivals. They have unique dance for every festival and event, which they performed very happily. Their rhythmic movements enchant the visitors and viewers. The people of Chitral and Kalash are a great attraction for tourists.
If you have to plan to visit Islamabad then please go the Chitral and must meet these kalash people that have a unique life style of living and wearing and music. You will feel very good and pleasure after meeting them. Keenly observe them to tell other about them
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