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Apr 1, 2008

This is an updated version of previously made announcement. Most of you may know already, that TM always brings modern up to date feature that helps TM users to enjoy this website as much as possible. TM is serving its member for about 6 years now (MashAllah), we never asked anyone personally to donate to keep it alive. All the donation was made previously was by the will of the donator. I realized that previous announcement that was posted 24 hours ago, contains some words that made it seems like we were in urgent need. I would like to correct that and apologize, that no request was been made for specific financial situation but for all time.We were only hoping to get little help to purchase few addons to help serve TM in a better way. One of the addons we were looking at was the better chatbox and enhanced like system. Soon InshAllah we will bring even better features to TM. Please check our Planned upcoming features: What's Next ?

We would always appreciate any help at any time. We are always thankful for your visit, your prayers and your participation at TM.

YOU CAN PM ADMINS (DON & REDROSE64) FOR DONATION METHOD. Further information will be made public.

Thank You,
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