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Jan 28, 2010
Ufone EDGE USB Now U can buy a Ufone EDGE USB for Rs. 4,500/- only, with one month unlimited FREE Mobile Internet To help you remain connected at all times Ufone brings you another exciting offer. Now get a Ufone EDGE USB for Rs.4500/- only with a month of unlimited mobile internet.
You can also get a Ufone EDGE USB for just Rs. 6,999/- (all taxes inclusive), get a FREE DATA SIM and enjoy 6 months FREE UNLIMITED Internet for your PC/Laptop via Ufone’s state-of-the-art high speed nationwide EDGE/GPRS Network. Ufone EDGE USB is an ideal high speed wireless data communication device for business and home usage specially suitable for people on the move or at places where traditional internet connectivity links are not available.
Using Ufone’s EDGE USB modem, user can access wireless Internet at any time and at any place through Ufone’s EDGE/GPRS Network available throughout Pakistan. Ufone EDGE USB also supports send/receive SMS, Phone Book Contacts Saver and PIN/PUK Management functions.
FREE Mobile Internet was never so easy ever before… Forget about dialup modems, slow cable connection and retries to dialing to ISP get Ufone EDGE USB and enjoy:-
Always ON mobile internet connection
True nationwide Data Mobility via Ufone’s EDGE/GPRS network
Ease of use via fully Plug n Play installation
On-device flashing LED for network connectivity indication
Inbuilt graphical reporting for data upload and download
Statistics log reporting Daily, Monthly and Yearly upload and downloaded data volume
Two-way long SMS send/receive functionality
Six (06) months totally FREE UNLIMITED Mobile Internet
Six (06) months limited Replaceable Warranty
Multiple OS Support like Windows XP, Windows 2000, and Windows Vista etc.
Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE with 850MHz/900MHz/1800MHz/1900MHz Global frequencies support
Supports Class 1 ~ Class 12 GPRS/EDGE Pay only for the Ufone EDGE USB and enjoy 6 months FREE totally UNLIMITED Mobile Internet Standard SMS Charges* Applicable
On-net SMS = Rs. 0.5 /SMS
Off-net SMS = Rs. 1.0 /SMS
International SMS = Rs. 2.50 + tax /SMS
* Prices are Exclusive of Taxes Terms and conditions
The Ufone EDGE USB is available to all Pakistani Nationals having CNIC or foreigners having required credentials as per GOP/PTA regulations.
Any Ufone SIM (Prepaid or postpaid with GPRS activated) can be used in Ufone EDGE USB; however as per current offer 01 free Prepaid/Postpaid Data SIM will be offered with every EDGE USB modem with 06 months free unlimited data access.
In case of loss of SIM Steel Jacket (that is required to insert SIM in the EDGE USB) a new SIM Steel Jacket is available for sales at Rs. 50/- + Tax upon getting a copy of CSAF form as purchase proof of EDGE USB modem.
In case of loss of EDGE DATA SIM, a replacement DATA SIM with the same MSISDN (Voice barred, EDGE/GPRS/SMS Allowed) will be issued after client verification as per standard SIM replacement charges. (Previous copy of CSAF form for DATA SIM with IMEI required).
All Ufone EDGE devices have 6 months limited (in case no physical damage) replacement warranty from the date of purchase.
SMS charging rates will be as per prevailing SMS Rates of Rs. 0.5/- On-net, Rs. 1.0/- Off-net and Rs. 1.5/- International on EDGE USB DATA SIMs.
PTT, MMS, SMS Buckets, Premium URL or downloads and International data Roaming (without prerequisites) are restricted on UrEDGE data packages.
The packages are not offered on Prepay VPN packages. EDGE USB with Prepaid Data SIM: Ufone offers:- a. One (01) Ufone EDGE USB Modem = Rs. 6,999/- (Including Taxes) b. One (01) Prepaid Data SIM (Voice Blocked, GPRS/SMS allowed) = Free c. 6 months UrEDGE Unlimited* Prepaid data Package = Free
* Totally Unlimited Data transfer allowed in first 6 months Business Rules: 1. EDGE subscriber (after the 6 months free offer or even within 6 months time for SMS usage) can Recharge his Prepaid account balance of Data SIM via U-Topup, send an SMS to 123 with Prepaid Scratch Card PIN number or by using the DATA SIM in any mobile and recharge via USSD option. 2. After completion of 6 months free internet offer, the EDGE USB users can subscribe any UrEDGE Data Packages provided sufficient balance is available. 3. Since Voice is blocked on all EDGE USB Data SIMs, the users cannot avail the functionality of IVR Short code of package inquiry rather they can use either SMS short code of 124 or USSD (using data SIM in mobile) short code. 4. SMS Notification at 2MB data volume left in the package or 1 day before package validity expiry period will be send to all EDGE USB subscriber’s Data SIM number. 5. If package expired and no further package subscribed within expiry period, default GPRS Charges of Rs. 15/- per MB will be applied from Prepaid account balance. 6. In case if the package is consumed before expiry dates any other package can be subscribed provided required prepaid balance is available in Data SIM. 7. Before Package expiry, subscribing new UrEDGE data package will add-up any remaining balance of preceding package with the new package balance. 8. In case of multiple packages subscription, validity date of bigger package will prevail. For EDGE USB with Postpaid Data SIM: a. One (01) Ufone EDGE USB Modem = Rs. 6,999/- (Including GST) b. One Time Security Deposit = Rs. 750/- + Tax c. One (01) Postpaid Data SIM = Free
d. 6 months UrEDGE Unlimited* Data Package = Free
* Totally Unlimited Data transfer allowed Based on Customer requirement, three different Postpaid sales are welcomed as below:- i. For Standard Sale (EDGE USB + Postpaid Data SIM) = 6 months Unlimited GPRS offer. After 6 months Billing on Prorate basis will be done. ii. For only Postpaid Data SIM sale = No 6 months Free Unlimited Data Package applicable, rather Rs. 500/-+Tax UrEDGE Unlimited line rent applicable from the sale date on Prorate billing basis. iii. For UrEDGE Unlimited Data Package activation on existing voice SIM = Existing Voice Package will be converted on UrEDGE Unlimited Data Package with Rs. 500/-+Tax additional UrEDGE Unlimited line rent (besides existing voice package line rent) on prorate basis from the date of UrEDGE Data Package activation. Business Rules: 1. Six (06) months Line Rent for UrEDGE Unlimited Data Package (as per sale) is built-in in the EDGE USB Price so no line rent will be charged for 6 months from the date of sale. 2. After 6 months of Free Unlimited UrEDGE Data Package offer, EDGE USB subscriber will be automatically shifted to UrEDGE Unlimited Postpaid Data Package with Rs. 500/-+Tax line rent on Prorate basis (e.g. if a customer gets device on 20th of Calendar month his line rent will be for last 10 days only) with net 45 days bill payment due date. 3. Billing Credit Limit (for SMS etc. as voice is blocked) will be Rs. 750/-+Tax for all postpaid Data SIMs. 4. In case of credit limit expired (e.g. voice Package on sale type iii) or non-bill payment on any postpaid sale, the UrEDGE Data Package will alio get blocked automatically. 5. Package change from Data SIM (sale i & ii) to Voice will be NOT allowed. However upgrading existing Voice connection to UrEDGE Unlimited postpaid package or un-subscribing UrEDGE Unlimited on existing voice connection is allowed. 6. WAP/MMS/CSD activation on request and will be as per Standard Charges. Ufone EDGE USB – FAQs 1. What is Ufone EDGE USB and what is its usage?
Ufone EDGE USB is a wireless internet connectivity modem (with a data SIM inside) which can be connected to your laptop/desktop PC via USB slot and let you enjoy high speed mobile internet access anytime anywhere!
2. In how many cities Ufone EDGE USB can be used?
Ufone high speed EDGE network is available in all the major metropolitan cities whereas the GPRS network is available throughout Pakistan, so you can use Ufone EDGE USB anywhere in Pakistan with true data mobility.

3. Will Ufone EDGE USB work while travelling anywhere in Pakistan?
Ufone EDGE USB supports wireless internet connectivity anywhere in Pakistan as Ufone has complete EDGE/GPRS coverage.
4. Will Ufone EDGE USB the card work while roaming internationally?
Ufone has over 115 Operators across 85 destinations worldwide with GPRS Roaming agreements as per the complete list available at http://www.ufone.com/ir_gprs.aspx all Ufone EDGE USB international travelers can enjoy EDGE/GPRS connectivity in these countries. Please note that International GPRS roaming charges are applicable in US$ as per the mentioned “GPRS Roaming Tariff” available on the above link.
5. Where can I buy the Ufone EDGE USB from?
Customers can buy Ufone EDGE USB from Ufone’s 22 Customer Service Centers located throughout Pakistan in the following cities:

Karachi (05 centers)
Lahore (03 centers)
Peshawar (02 centers)
RahimYar Khan
Rawalpindi (02 centers)
Also you can buy Ufone EDGE USB from Ufone’s Authorized Franchisee centers available in all major cities.
6. After I buy it, how do I start using the Ufone EDGE USB? Do I have to install it first through an installation CD?
You can simply plug & play the Ufone EDGE USB in your laptop/desktop PC (in the USB slot). The Operating System automatically detects and recognizes the new hardware when the USB is connected and starts the automatic installation wizard for Ufone EDGE Modem application software preinstalled within the device. You just need to follow the prompts of the installation wizard.

After the program is installed, the shortcut icon of Ufone EDGE Modem program is displayed on the desktop with Ufone Logo. Every time you connect Ufone EDGE USB to your Desktop PC/Laptop, Ufone EDGE Modem application software is launched automatically. You can also double click the shortcut icon on the desktop to launch Ufone EDGE Modem application program. Also for your convenience there are predefined 3 Profiles available as Ufone Prepay, Ufone Postpay and Ufone Umail. You can chose as per your Data SIM/Package type and can also make the required profile as default by going to Tools>Options>Profile Management>Set as Default for ease of convenience.
7. I have GPRS activated on my SIM. Can I use the same SIM in the Ufone EDGE USB?
The Ufone EDGE USB comes with free one EDGE/GPRS enabled Data SIM at the time of purchase along with Free 6 months Unlimited Data usage. However Ufone still gives you the liberty to use any other Ufone EDGE/GPRS enabled SIM. But please note Ufone EDGE USB is only for Ufone SIMs, any other cellular operator SIM will not be functional through it.
8. Does it work offline, even when Ufone connectivity is not there?
The Ufone EDGE USB does not work offline. You should have to be in the Ufone coverage area to use mobile internet or send/receive SMS etc.

9. What are the conditions of replaceable warranty for Ufone EDGE USB?
Ufone offer 6 months free replaceable warranty to its valued customers. Warranty voids if:

Ufone EDGE USB is physically damaged, opened or broken.
Ufone EDGE USB Modem is burned, broken or soaked in liquid etc.
Purchase Receipt (Proof of Purchase) CSAF of DATA SIM missing.
6 months passed from the date of purchase.

Note: 03 Predefine Profile settings as per Ufone EDGE/GPRS network are already built-in into the device and any alteration may lead to Ufone EDGE USB Modem software to malfunction and even can cause the warranty void. It is therefore strictly advised not to change/modify/add any new APN Profile Settings.
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