What is one minute Cure

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Jul 22, 2008
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The One Minute Cure guide claims to have the method to help patients cure diseases, but is this scam or does it really work?

1. How Does The One Minute Cure System Work?
This cure method can be administered at home with only one minute a day. It has already helped many people heal their diseases. According to a prominent doctor known for using oxygen therapy, this method allows maximum transportation of blood to the body cells from the blood by increasing oxygen and hemoglobin disassociation.

2. Why Do Disease Cells Die When The One Minute Cure Is Administered to the Body?
Since disease cells like viruses, micro organisms and pathogens cannot survive in highly oxygenated environment because of their anaerobic nature, The One Minute Cure is able to kill disease cells by flooding the body's tissues and cells with oxygen.

3. Has The One Minute Cure Been Scientifically Proven?
According to researchers and health practitioners, this treatment method has been very effective for treating every form of diseases. It is also much safer as it uses a natural oxygenating substance to deliver oxygen atoms from the bloodstream into the body cells and tissues.

4. Other Tips on How to Cope with Cancer
Because cancerous cells build up a lot of lactic acid in the body which results in fatigue, the person should also do activities like relaxation, yoga, and exercising and massage therapy to help cope with cancer.