What is seo?

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Sep 20, 2020
What Is Seo?
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What is meant by SEO?
SEO refers to search engine optimization.and this is an online marketing technique that we can use to get any keyword from our website to the top in search engine results. ”

What does keyword mean?
An English word used here is “Keyword”. It is called “word” in Urdu and its plural is “keywoods”. Everything you type is “words”.It will not be out of interest to you that 75% of the website traffic comes from search engines and SEO experts recommend SEO of any website and get a “keyword” to top the search engines. For thousands and many times even millions of rupees

What is a Search engine?
Search engines are programs that allow you to search for your specific keywords or documents in the web world.
Search engines, you know that every day you search for the websites of your choice in Google, so there are many other search engines, but most of the website traffic comes from the Google search engine.

What is meant by website traffic?
When one or more visitors visit a website, it will be called website traffic. The words “visit” and “session” are used to measure it.

Why do we need SEO?
Whenever we create a website, where we have to take care of many things, the most important thing is how to make the website as search engine friendly as possible so that the websites send more web traffic to your website.

The biggest benefit of learning and following the SEO and SEO process is that your anonymous website has a better place in the search engines and when it does appear, your web will obviously The traffic to the site will also increase and when the traffic increases, your website will prove to be a gold mine for you and you can call it a dollar making machine.

What mistakes should we avoid while doing SEO?
What do we do wrong when searching for the keyword? We go to Google AdWords and after various settings enter our keyword in it and then look at the searches in it. Suppose the searches are fifty thousand and it says Lo Competition. And we say we’ve got a great word.

There are a lot of searches and there’s a lot of competition. The mistake is that we would select a “competition” that doesn’t have rankings. It would be an AdWords campaign that places people on its wood. , Who would have run their campaign on Word through Google AdWords and we would have ranked it as a ranking competition.

For example, if we are looking at someone’s word competition, if it is “take”, then we think that this word is good, while in fact it can be a word of high competition, where we are looking at the word competition should not be seen.

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What’s wrong with us choosing a website topic?
If we divide websites into a few categories, these 3 categories will be important

Product Based Niche Website
To create a site on it, you come up with a product, Amazon, etc. Suppose I came across a product of Weight Loss, you created a website on that product and you have to rank it according to its words,