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Jan 28, 2010
ZONG Dial Tunes
With ZONG dial tunes you get the chance to Say it all even before you pick up your callers phones. When your friends call you they no longer have to hear that boring old ‘dial-tone' Instead, they can groove to the hottest new tracks on the music scene!
Do It Yourself
Dial 230 & select “record your own dial tune” & assign it to friends & let them hear what you have to say.
How to activate ZONG Dial Tunes
Dial 230 to subscribe to ZONG Dial tunes Or SMS REG & sms it to 230
Where to purchase ZONG Dial Tunes

  • You can purchases your favorite dial tunes by dialing 230
  • SMS dial tune ID to 230. For dial tune ID details, refer to the Dial tune content brochure or visit the web site www.ZONG.com.pk
Through a Call- Dial 230

  • Download the Dial Tunes
  • Make personal album
  • Assign dial tune to a specific caller
  • Select dial tunes from different categories
  • Enable random play of dial tunes
  • Activate & deactivate the Dial Tune service
  • Manage Black List
Through the Website
Customers can also visit ZONG dial tunes website with amazing features at http://crbt.ZONG.com.pk to select the dial tunes, modify their album and enable other interesting services.


  • Daily subscription fee Rs.1+Tax
  • Download Charges Rs.5/song
  • IVR Charges Rs.5/min+Tax
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