A man made Island in Dubai

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Jul 3, 2009
Torino, Italy
Hello Dosto,

There is a man made island opened in Dubai. These high rise buildings and that blue ambiance a true meaning to enjoy this man made island. Its called BLUE WATERS DUBAI. They also placed a world's biggest ferris wheel there to have view of city. I create a short clip in that location. Hope you will enjoy it.
یہ بلند و بالا عمارتیں اور اس میں چھپا نیلا رنگ۔ انسانی دماغ کی تخلیق جو دوسرے انسان کو حیران کرنے کیلیے بنائی گئی۔

Now what's the real challenge after this? We think that having these automated services can give you more comfort in life. This is wrong perception. As the evolution time period is getting less. Challenges are getting increase. We need to do more maths, we need to be more active, healthy and intelligent to live in such environments.