Ant & Elephant question

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Jun 5, 2007
color=blue]1. elephant father told to his son that,here after dnt play with ant,son told ok papa.
next morning father saw his son playing with ant.
ant sees ele father coming towards them and ant says to ele(son) that go and hide .[/color]
q : where did the elephant went to hide? ???

If someone guess the answer u gonna get respect frome me.
If don't kno the answer write give up face " :-["


2.There were 2 ants and an elephant.They were going to the park.
One ant sat on top of the elephant and the other trailed along in front.
The elephant was going to stamp the ant ,

so guess what the ant said ?!?!

" ???"


3.Once a ant and a elephant was eating in a restaurent in kerala... suddenly the ant dissappeared... the elephant went searching of the ant ... finally he found the ant was in a temple without even seeing him.... how did he know the ant was in the temple..?

"give up ::)''


4.One day Ant And Elephant went for swimming.After swimming for one

hour the elephant came out.But the Ant din't come out.

" :p"

_________________________________________________________________________________________ day.. elephant was riding a scooter and ant was sitting on the back seat. suddenly they met with an accident . they both fall from the scooter on their heads but only elephant got hurt... how..???


6.Two Ants were walking on a Road when they saw one Elephant coming from the opposite side.
One Ant told another ant. Let's go and beat him up.

Q. What did the other ant told her.



7.ant and elephant decide to play heide nd seek...

ant goes out to hide and elephants comes to seek..

ant runs into the temple to hide,and elephant comes to know where ant hiding,than elepant found the ant

Q:how elepant know ant hide in the temple?



4.A ant and a elephant have a boxing chapionship match... the ant WIN and the elephant LOSE...

how come.....




Mar 23, 2007
1.behind the ant

2. ???

3.he saw the ant's slipper

4. :p

5. cause the ant was wearing a helmet

6. :-\

7. he saw the ant's slipper

8.cause the elphant was too scared


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Mar 20, 2007
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the answres are..
1. it was hiding at the back of ant hehe
2. It said to the ant on top "dabbade us saale ko !!"
3. The elephant saw the ants FUBU Shoe Outside the temple
4. Because the Ant had not worn a Swimming Costume
5. coz ant was wearing the helmet.
6. No forget it yaar, he is alone.
7. slippers r left outside
8. cuz the elephant was afraid and he don't wanna to fight.
:D :D ;D ;D
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