Childrens Application - Nursery Rhymes - Johny Johny

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May 14, 2015
An easy to use smartphone app for helping children learn the famous nursery rhymes. The features two children who offer a space ride in their rocket. You accept by tapping ‘play’. The various features of this app are listed below:

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· Nursery Rhyme selector

After tapping ‘play’, you’re welcomed by a smooth and friendly interactive environment where you get to choose a planet for it to land on. Each planet corresponds to a nursery rhyme making a total of five planets. Tapping any one of them would take you to an environment dedicated to that nursery rhyme for example, a winter environment featuring Santa Clause for the ‘Jingle Bells’ rhyme. The two children from the rocket would be standing in the background rocking their heads to the rhyme.

· Performance according to rhyme

The characters in the environment for each rhyme sing and dance according to each rhyme thus making the experience all the more fun and realistic for children. The nursery rhymes included in this app are “I’m a little teapot”, “Johny Johny yes papa”, “teddy bear teddy bear”, “Jingle bells Jingle bells” and “rain rain go away”.

· Easy to use interface

The app’s interface is very user friendly such that your toddlers can also operate it with great ease. It offers convenience such that it mostly involved swiping (for scrolling between rhymes) and a single tap (at the start to select ‘play’).

Download and install this app for benefitting from its great features and as an additional help in babysitting. It is the perfect app for keeping your child busy and it’s constructive too.