Dont Be Shy answer It !!!

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Jan 8, 2010
dream land
dont b shy n answer it !!!
but b fare wid d game..
Pick the number of the month you where born

> 1----I fell in love with
>2----I ate
>3----I smacked
>4----I sang to
>5----I gave my number to
>6----I murdered
>7----I shot
>8----I danced with
>9----I choked on
>10---I went out with
>11---I kissed
>12---I hugged

Pick the day (number) you were born on
>1-------A homeless guy
>2-------your mom
>3-------a banana
>4-------a fork
>5-------a mexican
>6-------a gangster
>7-------a ninja
>8-------an ipod
>9-------my best friend
>10-------a goat
>11-------my dog
>12-------my dad
>13-------the computer
>14-------a football player
>15-------my neighbor
>17-------a soda
>18-------my hero
>19-------a pickle
>20-------a stuffed animal
>21-------a weirdo
>22-------a sock
> 23-------a tissue
>24-------my pshyciatrist
>25-------a policeman
>26-------my brother
>27-------my sister
>28-------a baseball bat
>29-------a dvd player
>30-------my best friends brother
>31-------my cell phone

Pick the color of shirt you are wearing
>White------Because I was high.
>Black-------Because I was drunk.
>Brown-------Because your mom told me to.
> Pink--------Because I'm retarded.
>Red---------Because the voices told me to.
>Blue--------Because Im hott and I do what I want.
>Green------Because I hate myself.
>Purple------Because I'm stupid.
>Gray--------Because that's how I roll.
>Yellow------Because someone offered me 1,000,000 dollars.
>Orange----Because I love my family.
>Other-------Because that's what I do.

Now post the sentence which u made..........But b fare wid d game.