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Nov 23, 2009
Jheel se ankho mei...

ONE of the students of Hadith used to crave
and yearn for seeking knowledge.
He would sit in the gatherings of scholars
and learn from them.

When some time passed, he felt it did not benefit him,
as he could not gain any knowledge.
So he thought to himself, “I am not fit for this knowledge.”

He gave it up thinking he didn’t have the capacity and that he was not qualified for seeking knowledge.

After having left the circles of knowledge,
one day, he passed by a rock on which
water was falling, drop by drop.
The continuous dripping of water (over the years)
had affected the rock to the point
that it had made a hole in it.
The man stood there for a while,
contemplating and reflecting, and thought, “This water,
in spite of its softness, had an effect on this hard rock.
My mind and heart are surely not harder
than this rock and neither is
knowledge softer than water.”

(This left a deep impression on him and)
he was determined to go back seeking knowledge,
which he did and excelled at.
He later became one of those referred to
because of knowledge.
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