Friend Connection

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Mar 15, 2007
Friend Connection~
You and I have a friend connection
Ever since I met ya.

God surprises us in many ways
And sends friends our way
When we really
are not expecting
If we open our hearts and let them
Find warm love with in
To relieve the winds cold and dreary
Making their eyes teary.

Other times a sunny smile and warm greeting
Seals the friendship upon meeting
Lodging the friend deep in our heart
As our travels together begin to start.

Distance makes no difference between
Our hearts it would seem
Because we find a way
To connect most every day
To share and comisserate
As troubles of the world we debate
Or share joy and fun
With the rising sun
On a brand new day.

I treasure our friend connection
Much like family of mine
And even as a soul mate
With whom I can relate
Bringing a smile to my heart all the time.