no more

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Jun 5, 2007
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no more

Sitting in class
Bored out of my mind
One thing I'm thinking about
You're all that's on my mind
Maybe this will pass
In some amount of time
I know we're not together
But you're still on my mind
I have no control
On all these thoughts
Constantly still thinking
About all the times we shared
All the laughs we had
But all the tears too
More laughs than tears
But remembering them both
Remembering all the times
That we spent together
The love that we shared
The love that we made
Remembering every litte thing
That we had in that year
We had so much
Can't forget it all
Start to tear up
Remembering it all
Ask the teacher
If I an leave the room
Walk down the hall
Into the bathroom
Can't help this at all
I just break into tears
I just kept telling myself
Over and Over again
"Just get over it now"
"Pull yourself together"
Wipe the tears away
Pull it together
Go back to class
Act perfectly normal
Can't let anyone know
The hurt I'm still feeling
Still thinking about it
But holding it back
Don't cry now
Not in this place
Gotta be tough
Hold back the tears
Gotta get over you
So I don't continue this
The bell rings
We switch up out classes
Just another boring class
Again just to think
The feeling starts over
But I gotta hold back
Can't cry now
No not yet
When I get home
A breakdown could happen
But as of right now
I don't want anyone to see
The heart that;s still broken
The pain I'm still feeling
Out comes the mask
That everyone sees
A fake smile
My try to laugh
But inside I'm still hurting
But I don't want them to see
I've got to get over this
No more pretending
Tired of tears
And faking a smile
I want it to be real
I want to be happy
No more tears will I cry
No more nights of no sleep
I will still think of you
Forget nothing
But they will be happy thoughts
No more crying
Can't let this ruin life
I've got to just live
I've got to live happy
Not so depressed
Go home now
And don't cry
Getting over this now
Being tough as can be
This is my life
And now is the time
And fix all of this
And live up my life
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TM Star
Jun 3, 2007
thats nice is good so for people who r so into love who wasting their time on someone who they cant get crying all the time just like Hindi series
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