"The Recipe For A Good Friend"

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Mar 20, 2007
Toronto, Canada
"The Recipe For A Good Friend"



Forgiveness, use generously, you can never add too much of this to a relationship.

Respect, this ingredient is at its' best when it works both ways.

Inspiration, this will cause your friendship to rise above the rest, as it tends to lift their spirits, we all need a little of this in our lives and when it's given by a friend it's even more appreciated.

Encouragement, something we could all use a heaping portion of and is very easily digested.

Never-ending love, this ingredient is one of the most important ones of all yet the most available and easiest to add.

Determination, this is one of the final ingredients and may be just a little harder to come by at times but when blended together with the rest you have a no-fail recipe.


Sprinkle generously with patience, kindness, and understanding and a dash of humor. Servings: Many!
As with all good recipes, it should be shared and passed along to all of your friends!